Mission Statement

Success today for tomorrow
What we believe…

Success every day for every student

At Alcott, every single child can learn; our decisions are based on our fundamental, guiding premise that every day should be a successful learning experience for every student. As a community of learners (students, staff, parents and volunteers), we will work together to create and maximize opportunities for each and every child’s success.

Meeting the needs and the interests of the diverse individuals of the Alcott community

We believe our learning environments need to be caring, enthusiastic, individually challenging, and mutually engaging. We devote ourselves to implementing inclusive, meaningful, relevant curriculum and programs, using technology as a tool to bring our local and global communities closer together.

Teaching is an art, and our community is comprised of artists

We will draw upon the unique talents of students, staff, parents, and volunteers to enrich and contribute to our school. Our individual contributions become the fabric of our culture.

Choice is essential at Alcott

Because we believe there is no “right way” that works for everyone, we celebrate the multitude of ways we can achieve our high standards and desired outcomes. Our choices allow us to honor individuality in learning and teaching, embrace the unexpected and the unique, maximizing each other’s growth and increasing each other’s success.

Learning takes place in an emotionally and physically safe environment

Through showing mutual respect, sharing ideas, supporting each other, communicating openly and truthfully, we maximize our potential for success. Seeking to understand" each other makes Alcott a safe environment in which students, staff, parents and volunteers are committed to each other’s growth.

Democratic attitudes, values and behaviors are sacred

We dedicate ourselves to preparing students to be functional, literate citizens, who can independently reason through difficult decisions, defend what they have decided, yet be able to accept differences of opinions, "honor our laws," and participate in the political life of their communities.

As we enact our beliefs, we serve as models of the democratic process for our students.