Check Out Policy

The check out policy varies by the student’s grade level.

KDG: 1 book for 1 week (beginning in October)

First grade: 1 book for 1 week

Second grade: 2 books for 1 week

Third grade & 2/3Q: 3 books for 2 weeks

Fourth grade: 4 books for 2 weeks

Fifth grade & 4/5Q: 5 books for 2 weeks

Books are checked out for a one or two week period. Students may renew a book or magazine one time by bringing it to the library during their weekly library time.

Students who need to check out more books for a classroom assignment may exceed their limit of checkouts with permission.

Students with overdue books may not check out any more books until the item(s) have been returned or paid for. Items that are damaged or lost will be assessed a replacement fee.

Students who have outstanding items at the end of the year will not receive their report cards until the item(s) has been returned or paid for. If a family pays for a lost item and then the item is returned we will refund the payment, as long as it takes place during the same school year. Our yearly budgets are closed at the end of June.

Any student who has a question about an overdue book is encouraged to check with the Library staff right away. In an attempt to save paper, we do not regularly send home paper overdue notices. Students are told verbally during each library class which books are overdue.

Library materials should be returned to their classroom baskets, which are brought to the library by student classroom helpers. Students do not need to wait until their Library class day to return materials.

We suggest that your child have a designated place at home for keeping track of Library books. The ability to select and return Library materials is a lifelong skill, and your child’s responsibility!