Library Class Policies

These rules and class expectations are taught at the beginning of the year and reviewed periodically as needed.

Students earn an effort grade in library class.

Here are the Library Rules & Expectations:

  1. Enter Quietly – Be ready right away in your spot.
  2. Be Respectful – Be a polite listener & raise your hand.
  3. Always Participate – Be involved in the lesson or activity (and do so appropriately).
  4. Freeze & Voices Off – At the signal, stop and listen until all directions are given.
  5. Stay On Task – During check-out & at any other time; follow directions.
  6. Line Up Quietly – Right away, books closed, voices off, facing forward, body to yourself, library tidied up.

Bonus: Have Fun! – Enjoy your time in the library! Be happy and get along! It’s awesome to visit the library!