Welcome to the Alcott Music Class page! Here we will post news from the Music Room of Ms. Baker. You can find out what the students have been learning in Music and other music info. Thanks for helping Alcott students become lifelong enjoyers of Music!

Music Notes



Hello! My name is Mrs. Wendy Baker and I teach elementary general Music and Drama here at Alcott Elementary. If you would like to learn more about Music and Drama here at Alcott, please see Mrs. Baker’s Music News on PowerSchool! Posted there is news from the Music Room of Mrs. Baker and the ACT Club at Alcott. You can find out what the students have been learning in Music class and also other interesting Music information.

As the Music Specialist here at Alcott Elementary, I look forward to helping to bring the joy of music to your children. I have been scheduled at Alcott full time for some of the 2nd & 3rd grade, and all of the 4th & 5th grade classrooms. We have Mr. David Moore here as well to teach Music to all of the Kindergarten-1st grade, and some of the 2nd & 3rd grade classes in the Music portable #6.

Music lessons will be taught to the Lake Washington School District Power Standards for Elementary Music using a variety of musical styles, forms and instruments. Historical, World and Popular music will be a part of the music curriculum here at Alcott Elementary, using learned pieces as well as audio and video examples. Please let me know right away if you have a need or belief that may excuse your children from any style of music. At report card times, there will be an evaluation of your children's participation and effort in music class using the information below.

Your children's grade in music will be based upon their ability to successfully demonstrate effort toward mastering the skills listed in the Lake Washington School District Power Standards for Elementary Music for music students in their grade level as well as their effort to make good choices for themselves and live up to the five Music Room Expectations listed below:


1. Be sure to enter and exit quietly.

2. Respect all others and musical equipment.

3. Always do your best - Participate 100%

4. Very quickly respond when a signal is given

5. Others first, help when you can so everyone can learn and have fun!

I look forward to a year of helping your children to discover the joy of Music and to gain the skills necessary to be life-long listeners-performers of Music.


Mrs. Wendy Baker, M.Ed.

Music and Drama Specialist

Louisa May Alcott Elementary

425.936.2490 Ext. 54938

“For today's students to succeed tomorrow, they need a comprehensive education that includes music taught by exemplary music educators.” National Association for Music Education
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