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Alcott's Choir and Theatre Club for 5th Graders led by Mrs. Baker

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Students and Parents of Alcott Elementary,

♫     ACT Club is our Alcott Choir and Theatre Club for students in the 5th grade. This group is free to students. We learn to sing as a choir, learning vocal production techniques and how to sing in parts. After the holidays we begin drama studies and work to produce a musical that is performed in the spring. For this group, students are asked to rehearse during one lunch and recess per week.  Parents are asked to sign up to help as volunteers as well.  Rehearsals are once a week during lunch and lunch recess. In addition to the musical there will be a choral performance during the holidays at an assisted living home and Redmond Town Center, our school holiday assembly and a final performance at the end of year. 

♫     ACT Club is open to students who are in the 5th grade.  Applications will be available in the Music room only, not on PowerSchool in the fall, when announced by Mrs. Baker in Music classes.  If your child wishes to apply for this group, you and they will need to fill out the application and bring it to Mrs. Baker PERSONALLY, handing it to her in person.  If parents aren’t signed up, the student may not turn in their application.  Please do not bring the form to your teacher or to the office.  This procedure is designed to keep from having lost applications and to limit the number of students to around the first 35 to sign up.  Please find more information about the ACT Club on PowerSchool.

♫     Please keep in mind that some evening rehearsals toward the performance of the musical will be required, and may not be missed.  There will not be many of these rehearsals, possibly four or five but they are crucial to the performance of our musical.  Please do not sign up your child for ACT Club if their priority will be sports in the spring and your coach is not understanding of these required rehearsals.  This group will be limited to 35 students so that all the members may have a chance to shine in the musical! 

♫     Parents should know that signing up for this extra group, your child will be giving performances to the public.  In addition, your child’s name, photo or video is published in LWSD programs and on LWSD Haiku.  Please sign up your child for ACT Club if you are in agreement to sharing their name and image with the Alcott Elementary community.  Videos and photos of performances are only published on Haiku, an LWSD only site – not a public site.  We take many photos and video in order to assess our performance, use them for rehearsal and also to record the performance for students and families.  We want to allow the group and parents to enjoy photos and videos of their performances.  Thank you for your help and consideration in this matter.

♫     If you wish to know more about the ACT Club here at Alcott Elementary, please visit the LWSD PowerSchool site.

Need to Contact Us?

If you have any questions regarding ACT Club or Music at Alcott, you can contact Mrs. Baker at or by phone at 425-936-2490.

Mrs. Wendy Baker, M.Ed.

Louisa May Alcott Elementary

Music and Drama Specialist

425.936.2490 ext. 54938