Welcome to PE! In PE class, students should be moving, learning new skills, practicing sportsmanship, but most of all, having FUN! We want kids to love coming to PE, and to love being active and fit outside of the gym as well.

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General Information ​

In PE classes students are graded on their level of participation. Included in that is their focus and behavior in class, following of class and game rules, and teamwork and sportsmanship. They should come dressed for physical activity on PE days including PE shoes (something they can run in) and clothing that does not inhibit physical activity. If young ladies are wearing skirts or dresses they should wear shorts under them. See your child’s scheduled PE days on the attached schedule to the right.

If your child is unable to participate due to an illness or injury please send them with a note describing the types of activities that they cannot participate in. Otherwise children will be expected to fully participate in the class. If your child has a medical condition that may limit their level of activity please make sure that their teacher is aware of this.